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“What's On In” is a Geneva based company that is rapidly expanding throughout the world with their “What's On In” community based websites. While a percentage of our websites are franchised, we as a group, retain a large number of UK based website.

We have now completed our expansion of our “What's On In” theme websites covering 124 UK postcodes.

We are now looking to move on to stage 2 of our UK expansion

By clicking on ANY UK postcode area you will see a typical “What's On In” website

A typical “What's On In” website offers a number of features, hence why we class it as a “Community” based website.

We are now seeking a creditable telesales company that we can partner with us to take our “Whats On In” community theme websites to the next level in the UK

There are 2 main revenue streams that will be available Trades Income and Business to Consumer Income all generated from advertising revenue.

Trades Income

The Trades Income is created from a section within each website called “Local Tradesmen” (this tab can change)

Here is a typical Trades income page www.whatsoninsalisbury.com/business-directory

The Trades page offers a tradesmen FULL control over their listing that can be updated in real time through a unique back office. A listing lasts 12 months at a cost of just £40

A typical “What's On In” website offers a number of features, hence why we class it as a “Community” based website.

Financials Trades Income

Typically, there is between 1,000 to 1,500 Tradesmen in each postcode area. At just £40 which is a low price point for 12 months, we would expect a 50% up take given the right sales pitch and the low cost.

To help sales, “up sales” could if needed be offered, a typical “up sale” could be to offer a Tradesmen a FREE extra listing on the main body of the website for 1 or 2 months to help secure the deal.

At £40 for a full 12 months listing we believe this figure is realistic figure to attract Tradesmen

124 Postcode areas x 750 Trades per postcode area x £40 = Potential annual sales
£3.69 Million in Trades Income.

Business Advertising Income

The largest Income stream is Business Advertising

  • Flexibility

    A typical “Whats On In” offers a great deal of flexibility, not only with pricing but the unlimited number of drop down menus that can be added to accommodate ANY request from a potential business advertiser.

    Here is a typical rate card from a website

  • Multiple Range of Ads

    We offer 16 different ad sizes and multiple locations on a typical website.

    On this website you will see a range of ads www.WhatsOnInOxford.net

  • FREE Sales Page

    We offer EVERY business a FREE sales page, so regardless of their size they can advertise online. A business will be able to choose if they would like to link their ad to their own website or to the free sales web page we offer.

    Here is a sales web page we offer

Financials Business Advertising Income

Typically there our between 25,000 to 50,000 businesses in ALL UK postcode areas. The range of ad prices run from £30 to £1,260. We know that the average spend of a business when advertising online is £166 per month.

We anticipate that a competent sales operative will secure 1% - 1.5% of the sales market in a typical postcode area over a 6 month period. This will include NEW business and repeat business, within 12 months 400 to 500 regular advertisers is possible.

A typical postcode area has the potential to deliver the following sales revenue. This is using the lower end figures from our figures above to demonstrate the massive potential.

  • 25,000 Business in an average postcode area
  • Average spend of a business £100 per month
  • 1% uptake over a 6 month period

25,000 Businesses x 1% =250 x £100 (average spend) = £25,000 monthly Income x 124 postcode areas 124 x £25,000 = £3.75 Million monthly in Ad sales

Full Sales Training

We can offer full sales training on our platform and sales training emails will be supplied to supplement a competent sales team.
We will also offer a range of sales templates, banners, and access to our 24-7 support team.

We are seeking a competent sales team company large of small that can help take “What's On In” to the next level in the UK.

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